The Foundation Youth is our youth ministry here at CWC.  We are here to Connect young people to Jesus and each other.  

Our Vision is to 


6 days a week our youth are put into groups (Cool Kids, Band Kids, Football Guys, Cheerleaders, Geeks, EMO's, Black, White, Brown…etc.)  Being in these groups/ clicks our youth miss out on supernatural relationships that may be God ordained relationships.  So, God has put it on our hearts to break down these groups /clicks and get our youth connected together in unity.  We need this unity in order to move forward with what God is calling us to do here in San Diego and all over this world.

We connect by: worshiping together, praying together, playing together, studying together and serving together.


We have youth that are just coming to church for the first time to those that have been in church their whole lives.  This is where our different services come in.  

Sundays would look like this if you came to our service: Time to get to know each other, Praise and Worship, message and hang out time.  

Wednesdays would look like this if you came to our service: Get to know each other and longer message and discussion.  This is a smaller group with opportunity to ask question and go deeper in God's Word.  Some Wednesdays we prepare for fundraisers and special events.


Light Work Events are planned though out the year to give youth the opportunity to use their gifts to help and serve others.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus.