Love Your Local Church

                                  Pinecroft Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana

     This is where it began for me as a believer.  It was the summer 1973, and I was sitting in the back row of this beautiful church in the South.  The choir was singing "The King is Coming."  I was  having my spiritual eyes open to the reality that Jesus was coming back and the believers would be swept away with Him into eternity.  I began to realize the issue of sin in my own heart and that I needed to be saved.  I left church that Sunday heavy, and that heaviness turned into strong conviction the following week.  I could not as a 9 year old little girl, wait to get back to church the following Sunday to give my heart to Jesus.

     I woke up the next Sunday, got myself dressed and walked to church by myself, meeting a friend half way who joined me on my journey to Pinecroft Baptist Church .  I went to Sunday School which I loved, and couldn't wait to get into the main service to give my heart to Jesus. The Pastor preached and the invitation was given.  I darted down that long isle and put my hand in the deacons hand and burst into tears as I proclaimed, "I want to be saved."  He was elderly and gentle, and led me in the sinners prayer.

     The weight of sin rolled off my heart, and I knew my name was written in the Lambs Book of Life.  It was like I became all new and clean and free at the same time.  I became very aware that I was not alone and the presence of God was tangible.  I have never felt Him leave or abandon me.  He is always there, and I have been forever free.  

Free indeed,

Pastor Wendy