Sharon.......sisters forever


I want to share my heart today regarding my sweet sister, Sharon who went to heaven on March 9, 2015.  She was 3rd out of 5 children and I was 4th.  We grew up together in the beautiful South.......Shreveport, Louisiana.  I remember barefoot summers, riding bikes, building forts in the woods, fishing in the lakes, and working in my dads garden.  My mom made us the prettiest dresses everyone admired, and we loved our Friday night shrimp and fish fry's!  She is in the picture in the blue dress and I in red.  

     Sharon was delivered from a battle with brain cancer not a moment too soon.  She fought with all she had for two years, and we are thankful she was promoted to heaven in a timely manner restored and fully whole.  Because she trusted in Jesus Christ, there is no sting in her death, or victory in her grave.  Although her life was cut short, God graced her to fight and face death with courage.  I will see her soon and I know she will be at the gate of heaven greeting me with joy!    

      Sharon was the sister who I called most days, with that afternoon cup of java in my hand either relaxing before I cooked supper, or picking my kids up from school.  My kids especially liked it when I would have her on speaker phone, while picking them up from school, as she would always make us laugh.  She was our "Messy Diva".      

      She and I had a special bond.  Sharon was the Aunt who always remembered my kids birthdays, found time to plan a trip to come and see us, and celebrated milestones in mine and Art's lives encouraging us to reach for our dreams.   She was one of the most compassionate persons I have ever known.  When my husband and I were struggling to make ends meet; she would give us grocery or light bill money, not because we asked, but because she was lead of the Holy Spirit.  She would always encourage me to look beyond the messy surface of people, into the heart of matter.  I knew her to judge or reject no one; always believing and hoping for the best.    

      Below is a poem I wrote about her and read at her memorial......a celebration of her life.



rose of,

budding, blooming and beautiful

compassionate, kind and fully there

capable, edgy, and open

whimsical, searching

loving and fun

humanity, touched and touching, fully aware

childlike wonder

inquisitive and well read

always reaching for answers

on a quest for something out there

pain, power, and hope

light shining in the darkness

and faith never wavering in the strength of God's hand.

slipping yet standing

laughing and crying 

she gave her all

every ounce she had to give.