Honor your father and mother...


  I want to honor my dad, Jolley Wasson today.  He went to heaven Feburary 11, 2014.  He was 80 years old, and lived in his home with my mom.  He lived a rich and full life doing what he loved, and enjoying his hobbies and interest.  He worked hard and was a great provider for our family, faithful and never complained about life.  

     His name reflects him well, as he loved to tell stories and jokes, laugh, and sing.  He was quite the gardner, hunter, fisherman, and mechanic; a true southern man.   He loved and followed different sports, and was quite the baseball pitcher himself.  He served as a Seabee in the Navy for 4 years before he married my mom, Annetta Tankersley.

      He surrendered his life to Jesus, and loved God's word.  I will never forget him driving me and my husband to his church in Louisiana in his pick up truck one night, and my husband Art went down to the alter at the end of the service and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.   He was a man of great courage, and integrity, a true man of his word, straightforward and clear.

      I see him now in the spirit, with his mom, dad, brother, and others, fully healed and rejoicing that he is finally ....."glad to be home!"

      I love my dad.......always have, always will.....he's not dead....he just changed dwelling places.

  Wendy Wasson Evans