Healing Scriptures
Read by Pastor Art Evans

Divine Design: God's Church in the Earth
by Pastor Art Evans

Is God’s Church relevant in our generation? Has God changed His plans or intentions? Come and discover with us if God’s Church fits into our world, today. And, if so, what does His divine design mean to us?

When you desire to build high and enduring, foundation is critically important.  Come and discover with us the Foundation that God has built for His Church!  Super vital!

Our Worship Our Witness: Living Beyond The Veil
by Pastor Art Evans

Every human will be conquered; either by Satan or by the Savior.  Jesus has defeated our greatest enemy and includes us in His greatest victory!  Come and discover what it means to “triumph in Christ!”  You may never see worship the same.

There is nothing that can fulfill the human heart as the Presence of God.  His presence is our native air.  Come and discover how to make God’s presence, purpose, and power your home in the earth.  We are made for Him!

What does it even mean to be “crucified with Christ?” Take a few minutes and discover with us some answers, spiritually and practically, to this shared and important question.

Before you experience the wonder-of-God, you must be willing to embrace the woe-is-me.  Come and discover with us how the gracious Holy Spirit brings us into the transforming wonder of God’s presence.

But God
by Pastor Art Evans

The Wonder Of Worship
by Pastor Art Evans

The Quest Of Courage
by Pastor Art Evans

Mighty Through God
by Pastor Art Evans

Know Your Enemy
by Pastor Art Evans

The Priceless Privilege Of Prayer
by Pastor Art Evans

Let God Arise
by Pastor Art Evans

by Pastor Art Evans

A Mother's Heart
by Pastor Art Evans

Hope Because Jesus is Alive! (4 part series)
by Pastor Art Evans

Valley (4 part series)
by Pastor Art Evans

Faith or Fear (4 part series)
by Pastor Art Evans

Prepare Him Room | by Pastor Art Evans

When a guest is coming we prepare, “get ready ahead of time,” for their arrival.  This is especially so for the advent of the Savior of The World, Jesus Christ.  He visited our world 2000 years ago.  He continues, today, looking for a heart in whom He can live!  Will you prepare Him room?  Come and grow with us as we’re learning to make room in our lives for the Greatest Gift that has ever been given!  

Jesus Christ Series smaller text new face.jpg

For Heaven Sake | by Pastor Art Evans

If you want a compass to work you must trust True North.  In a world that is making every effort to set it’s own direction, God’s people must continue to point to Jesus Christ as the Hope of The Nations. Come learn with us how to live our lives to effect eternity!  Lets do it, For Heaven’s Sake!  

Jesus Christ: The Essential(s) | by Pastor Art Evans

Jesus Christ: The Essential(s) 

Rabbi, Redeemer, Righteousness and Ruler

Beyond Words | by Pastor Art Evans

God’s Word is living and full of Life!  Faith that pleases God believes His Word and speaks His Word that it might be fulfilled in your life.  “Since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke," we also believe and therefore speak.” (2 Corinthians 4:13) Come and grow with us as we learn to live in the fruit of Spirit-born Words that have the power to shape your future!

Transformed | by Pastor Art Evans

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A large part of reigning in life, through Jesus Christ, is learning to “train to reign your brain!”  The victorious life that Jesus has promised and paid for is greatly affected by what you allow your mind to think on.  Join us as we look to God’s Word, revealing how we can maximize His great power to be transformed into all He's envisioned for our lives!

Covered | by Pastor Art Evans

God has promised, for the Redeemed, His “Covering.”  As our enemy, the Devil, walks about seeking whom he may devour, the Covering of God is a distinct and divine advantage.  Satan is not inciting you to a pretend fight.  Your life and your future are greatly impacted by your understanding and cooperation of God’s Promised Presence.  Come and learn with us how to maximize this divine advantage in your life!

Honors Degree | by Pastor Art Evans

Giving honor to another reveals far more about you than about the one whom you are honoring.  Honor is not the result of something that someone has done for you or even who they are in your life.  Honor is a quality that is born of God’s Spirit.  It grows in your heart as a child of God.  Come and grow with us in our understanding of this divine quality that, when engaged properly, qualifies your life for God’s promised increase.

The Mind Of Christ | by Pastor Art Evans

Focused, Faithful and Fruitful!  Born as The Son of Man, Jesus learned to live with the Mind of The Champion! Come and journey with us in this challenging and inspiring series of discover.  You’ll learn to live your life with the immeasurable gift from God, “The mind of Christ.”  Anyone who will develop their capacity to follow the Mind of Christ is simply un-defeatable!  

STORMPROOF | by Pastor Art Evans

Storms are inevitable.  Sometimes the rain comes down and the floods rise up.  Other times it’s hurricane winds and flying debris.  Even though you can’t avoid all storms, it’s possible to stormproof your life.  Come with us as we look to God’s Word, how to live life on the Rock!  Come what may, there’s a Rock that cannot and will not be shaken!  As you take your place in Christ, your life is anchored in the Rock.  You become stormproof!

pREACH | by Pastor Art Evans

Not from behind a pulpit but throughout daily interaction with our world, every Christian is preaching a message.  It's not nearly as important to get your message out as it is to get God's Message in...into the hearts of all who will hear!

Preaching is important.  pREACHING without REACHING is empty, powerless and condemning.  Take a moment to be refreshed and reminded of how valuable is the dignity and preciousness of the human spirit.  As an open-letter, written by God to your generation, resolve to let the message you live REACH the hearts of many by God's love and goodness.