Pastors Art and Wendy Evans 2018.jpg

Art and Wendy Evans are our Senior Pastors.  They have been in ministry for 30 years having experienced the call of God on their lives at a very young age. Married in 1984 they began to pursue God together, with the confidence, He had a specific plan for their future. Beginning in 1985, with a desire to prepare for their ministry calling, Art and Wendy attended a Liberal Arts College, and later, Bible School. In furthering their ministry training they worked as Youth Pastors, Worship Leader, in drama and teaching for 7 years. In the latter part of this training, Art served as an Assistant Pastor.

During this time, they experienced God's grace and power as Wendy was healed of a tumor. This, and many other expressions of the love and power of Jesus Christ, solidified in their hearts that God's Word is true and would be the foundation of their lives, family, ministry and future.

In 1994 God called the Evans family to San Diego, where Art was born and raised, to become the Pastors of this great family of SDCWC. They love serving the Body of Christ, knowing that God's love, power, and faithfulness make all the difference in a life, a family, a city and the nations of the world. They have three grown children.