God’s Girls radiate with His glory, His light, and His love.  It truly is a testimony that we have looked away from ourselves and this world, into the face of God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus and the Word are one.  In our God’s Girls gatherings, we look into the Word.  The Word infuses us with light, love, and power.  I, along with other speakers, prepare for our meetings expecting nothing less than God to infuse us with all that He is, full of wonder and goodness.  We also enjoy a meal together before our meetings, with a sweet time of just being with the girls in an atmosphere that inspires and uplifts.  You just might meet a new friend!   As we come to see God in all His beauty, we will be changed forever.  Let’s celebrate our lives as God’s Girls together, and rescue our sisters from shame, as we reach to bring them to these events.  I know He has great things in store for His girls, and it is all good!