Stop Saving Time!


"This is the day the Eternal God has made; let us celebrate and be happy today!" ~  Psalm 118:24 (Voice)

Thousands of books are waiting on your purchase.  Dozens of software programs to strategize and analyze are downloaded to computers hourly.  Piles of gadgets and gizmos are all designed with one end in view:  How to save your time.  

What are you saving it for?  Is it possible that once your time has been successfully garnered that you can take it from where you've put it (if you can even find it!) and use it for your purpose or pleasure?  There's a reason why sand fills the hourglass:  The tighter you hold on to sand the more of it you lose.  Saving time is a myth.  All you can do with time is choose what you'll do with it, at the moment.  Will you sour it or will you savor it?  I say, neither waste it nor save it, rather live it, each moment, to its fullest!  Minutes turn into hours, which turn into days, which turn into years, which is your life!

For many, Today will be endured but not enjoyed. Today is seen only as a transition to tomorrow, as though today is the burden and tomorrow is the blessing.  

In the effort to save time, we miss beautiful moments; moments that are full of life and potential. We miss hugs and kisses.  We miss engaging with others in a meaningful way.  We don't see smiles intended to convey love and care.  Because it's impossible to smell the roses at the break-neck speed that we often travel, we settle for a picture of a rose on our home screen and just keep moving!  

There are things that God, in His love, wisdom, and generosity has designed for you, today.  He has hidden treasures along every path if you'll take the time to discover them. It may be in the face of an elderly man or the sweetest coo of a sleeping newborn.  A picture, a word, a song, a smile...a moment taken to stop-sit-sip some coffee and think about the goodness of God. Discover His promises, today!  Fulfill His divine potential, today!  Today is the tomorrow that you were looking for yesterday; celebrate and live it to God's honor and glory!


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