Fresh Focus

"At night my soul longs to be with You, and the spirit in me wants to be with You at the dawn of every new day."  ~  Isaiah 26:9 (ERV)

It's a strange moment.  You're reading or writing, your gaze is downward, and your focus is on something very close.  When you look up to see something further away, your eyes refuse to focus.  You're aware and wonder if something has gone wrong with your eyes.  Eventually, as you wait, your eyes adjust, and you see clearly.

This change of focus is a way to describe the challenging part of prayer.  So much of our lives are focused on ourselves, our needs, our wants, our weakness, our responsibilities.  When we desire to lift up our eyes and see the Lord, it seems like our eyes refuse to focus.

As you pray, it's easy to remain focused on yourself.  This posture makes for shallow and often fruitless praying.  The joy of praying is the presence of God.  The objective of praying is engaging God. The fulfillment of praying is having communed with God and shared your hearts together.

It's better to pray little with the engagement of God's presence than to pray long only focused on yourself.  Wait upon Him until your eyes see Him, high and lifted up!  His presence is the fulfillment of your praying; your highest call and greatest privilege!


Pastor Art's Current Sunday Morning Series:

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