After all of these years, it still boggles my mind and overwhelms my heart.  Just think of it.  Really let it sink in:  God, the Creator of everything, He Who knows all that there is to know, and is the most powerful force in every realm, is with you this moment!  

Not only is He with you, but He's closer than anyone or anything else.  He has promised to help you, strengthen you, heal you, comfort you and change you.  He's promised that, come what may, He'll never leave you to yourself.

  • In the lion's den
  • In the valley
  • In the prison
  • On the mountain top
  • On Tuesday morning or Thursday evening

He is Jehovah Shammah, The Lord Who Is Present (Always There)!

What a great God!  What an amazing Friend!  What a Loving Father!  

Take a moment to let Him know that you are aware and appreciate His presence.


Pastor Art's Current Sunday Morning Series:

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