Don't Drop It!

Do you wear Bluetooth headphones?  I do.  I use them when I run.  Without cords or cables, I can listen to music or talk radio.  Sometimes, I experience an interruption.  My headphones drop the signal from my source of music because I've picked up some interference.  The push of a button quickly fixes the breakup.

Recently, while on a run, my music stopped.  I pushed the button to correct the disconnect. Nothing.  I mean nothing happened.  

At that moment, I realized, there's a big difference between losing the signal and losing the power. The only way that I was going to be able to listen to my music, again, was to recharge the battery.

Have you ever lost your connection to the Holy Spirit?  Is it just a bit of interference that can be quickly resolved and restored?   Or do you need to refresh your spirit by waiting in His presence, praying and praising His great name? 

There's a big difference between losing the signal and losing the power!


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