Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!


"Are you one of those preachers who tells everybody that your way is the only way?"  He asked me, with one side of his mouth turned up so high that he almost made his eye wink.

"Well, first of all, it's not my way.  It's God's Way!  And, yes, I believe that God's Way is the only way.  I didn't become a preacher of the Gospel thinking that one might find salvation on any number of paths.  I don't preach Jesus Christ as one option among many.  'But, if you don't like the one I've chosen, just pick another.'"

"I don't think you should tell people that there's only one way to heaven.  It's important to let people follow the path of whatever they believe is the best for them."

San Diego, where I live and pastor a church, is about as far removed from the Bible-belt as can be.  But conversations, like the starting of the one I've shared here, that I had just this week, are as common as dyed eggs on Easter Sunday.  This idea is everywhere, and has even been heard and conveyed among Christians.

Jesus Christ never said that He's "a way" to God.  What He declares is, "I am The Way!"  And, "No one comes to the Father except through Me."  (John 14:6)  If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then we must believe and communicate Him as Truth.  The truth is non-negotiable.  It is True whether we know it or not, understand it or not or agree with it or not.  It was Truth long before we came along.

I understand where the gentleman was coming from that engaged me in conversation. There are many in our world seeking Truth.  As Ambassadors for Christ, we cannot mislead them because we don't want to offend them.  As it turned out, this man was looking for someone that lives with conviction as much as he's looking for the True Path.

It's best to "speak the Truth in love" and let God take it from there.  We can't afford to confuse or contaminate other's search for Truth through the political correctness of tolerance.  You're not responsible for their decision to follow Jesus.  Only God, by His Holy Spirit, can make that happen. You and I are responsible for revealing that we've put our faith in the One-and-Only Hope of Salvation and that His love, wisdom, and power in our lives has made all of the difference!

At this time of year, more people are looking at Jesus Christ than at any other time.  Let's be courageous and compassionate, boldly sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  Jesus Christ is alive and reigns triumphant over sin, death, and hell!  He, alone, is the Way to salvation and a wonderful relationship with God!

I hope that you can be with us this Sunday Morning as we celebrate the Victory of Jesus Christ! By God's love and grace, His victory is now ours to enjoy!

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