In The Son!


"Not by their own sword did they win the land, nor did their own arm give them victory; but Your right hand, and Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, for You delighted in them."               ~  Psalm 44:3  (NRSV)

I've noticed it for years.  I've watched and wondered.  I finally Googled it!  With all of the options she has, why does my cat seek out even the smallest wedge of sunlight in which to stretch out and take her nap?  I've come to find out that cats will often move from one beam of light to another as they navigate throughout their day.   

It's a cold world!  Cats know where to find the warmth and the glow of life-giving nutrition that comes from the sun.  They're like little flowers that turn their faces towards the source where they feel the most replenished.

Jesus shines His light and life into this dark and cold world to save and to heal, to warm and to comfort, to lead and to guide.  Sometimes He shines directly upon us while other times He requires that we seek for Him.  

I encourage you to make time, each day, to be warmed and replenished in the Son.  Even if it seems like the smallest wedge of Light, it's Life-giving and life-transforming!  There's a place for you in Him that nothing in this world can ever supply!

Remember that Easter is just a few weeks away!  Pray for and invite your friends and family to come to church with you to experience the goodness and greatness of our God!  


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