Keep the Flame!


I remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire] that is in you." ~ 2 Timothy 1:7a (AMPC)

One of the steps in putting out a fire is to separate the embers. When the embers are together, they embolden each other and the fire blazes.  As Christians, we come together for our Worship Service, and the presence of God ignites our hearts.  What a time and place to blaze with the passion, power, and purpose of God!  There's nothing like worshiping before our God Who is an All-Consuming Fire!

Once our Assembly is dismissed, and the embers are separated, influences creep their way into our lives with intentional design to snuff out His flame.  We need not, we must not let that happen!  Here are several things that you can do to "fan the flame and keep your heart burning for God until we gather again.

  • Don't let a day or opportunity go by without giving God the thanks that He deserves.  Let your life, your words, your attitudes, and actions be a worship to Him.  You will bring Him honor and refresh your heart, as you engage with God in prayer, praise, and worship.
  • The Bible is alive and powerful and will stir your heart, refocus your mind and cultivate divine desires.  Your faith rises and God's flame burns brightly when your heart is supplied by God's Life-Giving Word.

  • As you live to make Jesus known and reveal Him whenever and wherever you can, the Holy Spirit will cause your heart to stay ablaze with Holy passion.  Think of this as using your fire to help ignite someone else's heart for God.

  • Distractions, discouragement, and division are designed to put out God's flame in your heart. Avoid them.  Stay in love, obedience to Jesus and set your heart on Him.  This sets a shield around your heart that allows God to keep His flame burning even though other believers are not around.

If each of us, as embers of God's life, love, passion, purpose burn brightly wherever we are, many flames throughout our world can bring great Hope to our generation.  Think of what God can do if the next time we gather, we all bring His fire that's growing in our hearts!  Keep the Flame!