"This Is A Confirmation E-Mail"


"This is a Confirmation E-Mail.  If you have subscribed to this...please confirm by clicking the link below."  Or sometimes, "To be sure that you're not a robot, enter the letters you see in the yellow box."  Both of these common internet requests are to establish one thing:  Do we have a connection?

You and I have this invite in our spiritual In-Box every morning.  "If you and I are connected, please confirm by opening your Bible and spending a few minutes in prayer."  Without time in fellowship with God at a personal level, it's difficult, at best, to keep a real connection with God's Spirit.  

In the center of the barrage of voices, information, task and appointments; take a moment to secure your divine connection with the One that matters most!  You need His input, approval, and empowerment in all that you do.