"Do You Know The Time?"


Do you have a clock that you don't trust?  Is there one that gave you the wrong time at a critical moment because the batteries were weak and it fell behind?  Now, when you look at it for the time, you have to hold it accountable with another clock or watch.  What if you were surrounded by clocks that you can't trust?  Or what if you have a clock that doesn't even have hands?  All of its parts are working on the inside, but outwardly it doesn't offer you anything.  

A Christian without a confession is like a clock without hands.  Like most, you've been trained to "Keep your religion to yourself!"  So, you keep all the stuff working inwardly, but outwardly you can't show the world what time it is.  Let your heart conquer your head!  Let God's Love, Truth and Word break the silence!  Boldly declare to the world, who is looking to you for the time:

  • It's time for God's saving grace to flood your life!
  • It's time for a miracle in your family/body/business!
  • It's time for a Spiritual Awakening in our world!

Many in our world are asking the church, "Do you know the time?"  We must respond.  We must believe God's Word enough to speak it if we ever hope to live It!  Live boldly.  Break the silence! Let's tell the world what time it is.  It's time to turn and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!