Of Great Importance...And Certain Controversy!

"Now God can bless the Gentiles, too, with this same blessing He promised to Abraham; and all of us as Christians can have the promised Holy Spirit through this faith."  ~  Galatians 3:14 (TLB)

"I'm going to (name of city, church, preacher, etc.) to catch the 'spirit of revival' and bring it back to my city!"  Like you, I've heard variations of this statement many times from well-intending and hungry-for-God believers.  (Deep sigh and exhale of a combination of grief and frustration.)

Let me share something with you of great importance and certain controversy:  If you're saved, redeemed, born-again....a Christian... then Jesus, The Christ, lives in you!  He IS the Spirit of Revival! He's the Resurrection and The Life!  He's The Fire of God, sent from heaven to consume every area of your life.

I understand the desire to be among other believers in the presence of God.  I realize that there's great encouragement, and even help, among like spirited seekers of God.  But to estimate that the moving of His Spirit, in this New Testament hour, is limited to a geographical location or only to a certain handpicked group is to misunderstand the work that Jesus has accomplished on your behalf.  God's Spirit erupted out of the Old Testament Holy of Holies, as the veil was torn by the sacrifice of His Lamb, never to be restricted to a locale ever again.  The Holy Ghost moves wherever there's a heart that has demonstrated faith and hunger for Him!

You don't need to buy a plane ticket, have a certain person put his hands on you or hear a certain preacher preach.  As a child of God, the moment...you decide...and yield...to the presence of God within your own heart, The Spirit of Revival ignites and sustains as long as you desire!   The Fire of God dwells in you and is simply waiting for your hunger and agreement. May God continue to grant you an insatiable hunger for all that He is and all that He longs to do in your life!