Believe In Love!

For God is love. [He is the originator of love, and it is an enduring attribute of His nature.] ~ 1 John 4:8b (AMP)

Like masses of people across America and even in other nations, I tuned in to Sunday's historical event, Super Bowl 50.  For me, other than the football game, it really lacked being a truly entertaining experience.  I'm impacted; however, by a repeated declaration made visual during the halftime show.  As Chris Martin, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars concluded their uncomfortable "past, present and future" trio, high up in the stands you'll see the phrase:  Believe In Love.  This performance and "message," for many, is being touted as the highlight of the entire Super Bowl 50 Event.

So, as the message unfolded on tv screens around the world, these thoughts flooded my mind:

  • What if everyone really understood, believed and agreed with what this phrase means?
  • To our world, what does it mean to, "believe in love?"
  • How do I, as a Christian, live a life that "Believes In Love" and also reveals Who and what Love really is?

This message, presented to our world by the producers, directors and artist that contributed to yesterday's performance, is basically this:  Be kind and treat everyone with respect. This is certainly an ingredient of Love. However, if love is understood as true Love, the Love that comes from the Author Himself, then kindness and respect can be expressed very differently than what this world is looking for.